The union between DevOps and Content Management is inevitable. In fact, it’s already happening within agile and forward-thinking organizations. Here are some commonly asked questions relating to DevContentOps. 


What is DevContentOps?

DevOps alone is not enough for creating modern, content-driven digital experiences. The role of content in any memorable digital experience is vital, and therefore, content teams, tools, and processes need a seat at the table. Through a combination of technology and cultural shifts, DevContentOps enables seamless collaboration between software development teams, content teams, and IT operations.

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What’s the Difference between DevOps and DevContentOps?

DevOps is all about redefining roles and leveraging modern tools and processes to create harmony and efficiency between developers and operations. That’s great if you aren’t producing much content, but that’s not the case for the vast majority of enterprises. 

Content authors and the content itself is not accounted for in the traditional DevOps equation. This creates friction that manifests itself in the form of code and content freezes and long difficult deployments that impact the efficiency of both content authors and software developers alike. 

DevContentOps incorporates headless CMS tools and content management processes, as we believe that content is just as important as code and configuration. Content authors need to be part of the Developers plus Operations mix to see the full agile benefits of DevOps applied to digital experience applications. This is where we believe a headless CMS can bridge the gap, enabling a DevContentOps process that extends the basic benefits of a headless CMS into the realm of true enterprise innovation.

Why Does Content Need to be Infused into the DevOps Process?

DevOps falls short when it comes to modern, omnichannel digital experiences. Most enterprises that adopt a DevOps culture see substantial improvements in their software development lifecycle, but pure DevOps falls vastly short when it comes to supporting content-enabled apps -- modern multi-channel websites, mobile apps, e-commerce experiences, video platforms, and more. In fact, most software apps have content to some degree. Traditional DevOps says nothing about fostering collaboration between the content authors, software developers, and IT operations. Nor does it suggest the tooling required to integrate a CMS into DevOps processes.

DevContentOps is not an invented practice, it’s an inevitable union of DevOps and Content Management that’s already happening—it’s just happening far too slowly and inefficiently for brands to see meaningful results in the short-term.  

What’s DevContentOps.io’s Mission?

DevContentOps is an online publication dedicated to covering the latest trends in both DevOps and content management as well. Our mission is to highlight the growing importance of DevContentOps practices and culture to business and technical leaders seeking to build, manage, and optimize digital experiences that drive business results.