DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup June 5 2023


Welcome to the latest edition of the DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup. We update you on the latest news and hot stories related to DevOps, Content Management, Content Marketing, and Web Development.  

DevOps News Promotes Wing To to General Manager of the Intelligent DevOps Business Unit

Enterprise platform for AI-driven software development, has promoted Wing To to the position of general manager of the Intelligent DevOps (IDO) business. Most recently, he was VP of R&D of Intelligent DevOps and brings 20 years of experience. 

GitLab Announces AI-Powered DevSecOps Platform With GitLab 16

Enterprise DevSecOps platform GitLab has launched GitLab 16. The platform will enable developers to ship software faster with features relevant to security, compliance, AI/ML, and value stream analytics.

Content Management News

CrafterCMS Publishes Handbook on DevContentOps

Open source headless CMS, CrafterCMS, has published a handbook on implementing DevContentOps processes. The guide includes best practices for utilizing code forward/content back processes, working across Dev, QA, Staging, and Production environments, managing and avoiding merge conflicts, handling large content repositories in Git, and more. Challenges Substack With Launch of Paid Newsletters

WordPress’ newsletter feature now includes support for paid subscriptions and premium content. 

Content Marketing News

Does a Rise in Chief Strategy Officers’ Role Give Hope for Chief Content Officers?

The Content Marketing Institute dives into Deloitte’s 2023 Chief Strategy Officer Survey to see its impact on content-focused roles. 

Why You Need to Put More Effort Into Marketing in a Recession, Not Less

CEO at Crowd Content, Carlos Meza, outlines why companies should double down on their marketing efforts in this article for Entrepreneur. 

Web Development News

Latest Couchbase Capella Release Features New Developer Platform Integrations and Greater Enterprise Features

Cloud database platform, Couchbase, has announced new features for its Database-as-a-Service solution Couchbase Capella. The new platform will be accessible via Netlify and include a Visual Code Studio extension. 

AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon Security Lake

Amazon Web Services has announced the general availability of Amazon Security Lake. The new service will centralize a company’s security data from across their AWS environments, on-premises environments, SaaS providers, and cloud sources. These data sources will then be combined into a purpose-built data lake, enabling customers to act on security data faster and simplify security data management. 

Platformatic Raises $3.5M to Help Developers and Enterprises Evolve Microservices Without a Costly Rearchitecture of Legacy Backend

Backend development platform Platformatic has raised a $3.5 million funding round and launched a suite of new enterprise-grade products. The round was led by Decibel, with participation from Panache Ventures and several angel investors. Funding will be used to expand the team and platform. 

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