Copado Announces Agreement to Acquire Leading AI Testing Company


Copado Announces Agreement to Acquire Leading AI Testing Company to Improve Quality of Multi-cloud Digital Transformation Projects

Qentinel will bring groundbreaking robotic automation technology to the Copado DevOps platform, enabling enterprises to create and deploy code faster with confidence.

CHICAGO, June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Copado, a leading DevOps platform powering the world's largest digital transformations, today announced a definitive agreement to acquire Qentinel. Designed for both non-technical and code-based developers, Qentinel provides robotic software testing for all major enterprise software platforms, including Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. It is the only proven, enterprise-ready, AI-enabled testing solution for any cloud platform. This acquisition enables Copado customers to build and deploy the highest quality releases with less risk across multiple clouds. The transaction is pending government approval and is expected to close in the next 30 days.

Testing has become critical to the DevOps process with quality as the leading driver of risk, cost and speed within the software development life cycle. In 2020, software delivery quality has declined to over 33% change failure rates from 24% in 2019. As enterprises continue to shift to the cloud, AI-enabled testing will be critical to ensure continuous quality. Gartner reports that 75% of large enterprises will be using AI-enabled test automation tools that support continuous testing across the different stages of the DevOps lifecycle by 2024.

"Digital transformation is creating a massive incentive for enterprises to leverage AI-enabled test automation and a shift-left approach to deliver quality with confidence and without compromising speed," said Ted Elliott, Chief Executive Officer for Copado. "Bringing Qentinel into Copado DevOps allows us to ensure continuous quality when building and deploying in multi-cloud environments. We are excited to offer Qentinel's robotic software testing to customers to help them accelerate their speed of innovation and go-to-market velocity."

Qentinel represents the next-generation of automated testing based on the industry's leading robotic software technology. Using AI and machine learning, Qentinel delivers cutting-edge analytics on the current and future quality of the whole software system, providing a holistic view of your DevOps health. When test cases collect data and tests are planned in detail, customers receive comprehensive test coverage, easy maintenance in complex environments and proper data for decision-making.

"DevOps is becoming the de facto way to deliver software in a digital-first world. Yet without automated testing, it becomes almost impossible to successfully practice DevOps," said Esko Hannula, Chief Executive Officer for Qentinel. "Testing and DevOps are being tightly integrated to deliver more results to customers via shifting quality left with end-to-end quality control from planning through delivery. We are excited to join the Copado team to bring highly scalable, easily maintainable, AI-driven software testing to customers."

Qentinel's platform ensures quality for end-to-end business processes that span multiple platforms and clouds. It can be set up in minutes, with no on-premises infrastructure to deploy, allowing users to start automating tests instantly. By removing risky and manual tasks from software development, testers and developers -- including non-technical users -- can focus on more important issues. Qentinel customers include Brunswick, Elisa and Konecranes. All Qentinel employees will join Copado to bring industry-leading AI testing expertise to customers looking to transform their release processes with speed, quality and value.

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