DevContentOps Weekly News Round Up Dec 10 2021


Welcome to the latest edition of the DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup. We update you on the latest news and hot stories related to DevOps, Content Management, Content Marketing, and Web Development.

DevOps News

DigitSec Announces Partnership and Integration With Copado DevOps Platform for Comprehensive Salesforce Security

DigitSec, a provider of security testing for SaaS applications, has partnered with DevOps platform Copado. The partnership will allow S4, DigitSec’s comprehensive security testing platform for Salesforce, to integrate with Copado DevOps so that customers can find and fix security issues before deployment. 

Sentry Acquires Analytics Firm Specto to Add Continuous Profiling to Mobile Application Monitoring

Application monitoring and error tracking software company Sentry has recently acquired the mobile profiling tool Specto. Developers use Specto to receive data and analytics around app performance, and this addition will provide better context in mobile application monitoring for Sentry users. 

Software Introduces Innovative Data Platform to Improve DevOps Performance

Software, a startup that helps engineering teams to improve their software delivery through its DevOps metrics platform, has completed a $15M Series A lead by Next47 and 8VC. With this new injection of funding, the company plans to provide deeper insights for engineering teams, enabling them to be faster and more efficient during development. 

Content Management News

Strapi Releases v4, Offering New Design System, User Interface and More

Open source headless CMS Strapi has announced the release of its latest stable version, Strapi v4. The release provides a new design system, UI, plug-in API, database query engine, and improved REST and GraphQL API performance.

Heap Raises $110m to Automate Analytics for Digital Experiences

Digital analytics platform Heap has raised $110M, led by Sixth Street and Goldman Sachs, with participation from other venture capital firms. Heap will attempt to “algorithmically identify events and behaviors that most impact a digital experience and provide tools to help teams locate the insights they need without help from engineers.”

Content Marketing News

Adobe Buys Social Media Marketing Startup ContentCal

Adobe has purchased social media marketing startup ContentCall in a deal believed to be worth over $100 million. The platform enables users to manage social media campaigns more easily and “simplifies content processes by bringing everything into a customizable space with a drag-and-drop interface to reduce management time.”

HubSpot: The 19 Best Content Marketing Tools of 2021

HubSpot has released this list of 19 tools to help marketers navigate the sea of content marketing tools as the landscape continues to grow. 

Web Development News

Vercel Acquires Turborepo to Accelerate Build Speed and Improve Developer Experience

Vercel, the team behind Next.js, has announced that it has acquired Turborepo, a high-performance build system for JavaScript and TypeScript. Vercel will make Turborepo’s CLI open source and available for everyone to use and provide a way for Turborepo users to migrate and cache their infrastructure to Vercel. 

Airplane Soars With $8.5m to Make Creating Internal Tools Less Burdensome

Airplane, a developer platform for internal tools, has released a runbook, a developer tool for automating internal workflows, in private beta and Product Hunt. Runbooks will help “engineers create tasks, incorporate built-in integrations such as SQL, REST APIs, and Slack into workflows that execute JavaScript code, feed them into SQL databases, combine Stripe data, and engineer. It will be accessible to non-team members.”

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