DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup Apr 15 2022


Welcome to the latest edition of the DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup. We update you on the latest news and hot stories related to DevOps, Content Management, Content Marketing, and Web Development.

DevOps News

Esper Architect Launches to Drive Fleet Innovation at Scale

Leader in DevOps for Devices, Esper has launched Esper Architect, the cloud platform built for scaling mission-critical device fleets. As a result, dedicated device fleets can leverage the agility of DevOps on hardware to roll out at scale, iterate mission-critical software quickly, minimize breakage, and focus on innovation.

Perforce to Acquire DevOps Pioneer Puppet

Perforce Software has acquired Puppet, an infrastructure automation software platform that enables users to deliver, update, monitor, and secure software across physical and virtual machines. 


Content Management News

Agility CMS Follows Up Best Year 2021 With Impressive Q1 2022

Enterprise-grade headless CMS Agility CMS has announced an impressive end to 2021, followed by continued growth in 2022. Agility CMS’ sales doubled in 2021, with 30% of customers being new, representing the company’s best year since its launch in 2002.

Why Monolithic Digital Experience Platforms Still Trump Composable

In this article for CMSWiRE, Dom Nicastro clarifies why monolithic DXP platforms remain relevant, even in the age of composability. 

Content Marketing News

Contentoo Announces Advisory Board to Support Accelerated Growth

Europe’s leading platform for content marketing talent Contentoo has announced a new Board of Advisors. “Contentoo is rapidly expanding internationally on the companies’ growing need for content created by industry-specific talent. This expansion has created the need for an experienced advisory board.”

5WPR Founder Announces SEO Tips for Instagram

Ronn Torossian, founder of 5WPR, provides 5 tips for businesses looking to boost their following on Instagram and achieve greater reach. 

Web Development News

Redwood Web Framework Hits 1.0 Release Milestone

Redwood, an opinionated, full-stack JavaScript/TypeScript web framework for deploying on Jamstack, has reached its 1.0 production release status. Redwood 1.0 features include opinionated defaults for formatting, file organization, Webpack, and Babel and routing with dynamic parameters, custom types, and named route functions.

Stackblitz Raises $ 7.9M to Bring a Better IDE to Browsers

StackBlitz, a developer-centric startup that uses WebAssembly and WebContainers to provide a complete development environment in the browser. This service currently supports frameworks adjacent to JavaScript, such as Next.js, Nuxt, Node.js, React, and Angular.

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