DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup May 27 2022


Welcome to the latest edition of the DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup. We update you on the latest news and hot stories related to DevOps, Content Management, Content Marketing, and Web Development.


DevOps News

GitLab 15 Provides Replacement for Do-It-Yourself DevOps with The One DevOps Platform

GitLab has announced the release of the first version of its latest iteration, GitLab 15.0. The latest version will bring cutting-edge DevOps capabilities in “visibility and observability, continuous security and compliance, enterprise agile planning, and workflow automation and support for data science workloads.”

Cascadeo Announces Integration of Amazon DevOps Guru and

Leading cloud IT transformation services provider Cascadeo has announced the integration of Amazon DevOps Guru with The combination will allow users to quickly set up and configure Amazon DevOps Guru and manage it alongside their other cloud tools.

Uptycs Unveils Advanced Container and Kubernetes Capabilities to Help Security Teams Stay Ahead of DevOps Innovation

Cloud-native security analytics platform Uptycs has announced enhanced container and Kubernetes security posture management (KSPM) capabilities for its cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) offering. These latest features will allow “real-time detection for containerized workloads, proactive scanning of container images in the CI/CD pipeline, continuous compliance monitoring, and Kubernetes security policy audit and enforcement.”


Content Management News

Headless CMS Platform Payload Goes Open Source

Payload CMS, a headless CMS recently accepted into the Y Combinator (YC) summer 2022 batch, has transitioned to a fully open-source model. The platform has been built from the ground up with developers in mind. 

The Rise Of Agile CMS And How To Make The Switch

In this Forbes article, Anil Gupta, CEO, and Co-Founder at Multidots, explains the growing trend of an agile CMS and its benefits. 

New Sitecore Report Shows Brands Must Shift from Transactional to Transparent If They Want to Rebuild Customer Loyalty

Sitecore has released its Brand Authenticity Report to highlight the importance which today’s customers place on personalization and the shopping experience. 

Content Marketing News

TikTok Partners With Hootsuite, Sprinklr, Emplifi and Others to Make It Easier for Brands to Reach Users

TikTok has expanded its Marketing Partner Program and will add new content marketing partners to allow marketers to manage their TikTok accounts without leaving their third-party content marketing platforms. Companies such as Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Sprinklr, Emplifi, Dash Hudson, Khoros, Brandwatch, and Later will be part of the initial launch.

Contentgine Employs Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Analyze Most Popular AI Content Among B2B Decision Makers

Leader in content-based marketing Contentgine has released its “Top 5” research which ranks the most popular artificial intelligence (AI) content consumed by B2B decision-makers. Through its Content Indication Platform (CIP) machine learning and AI capabilities, Contentgine examined content consumption across over 3000 AI case studies, research papers, and eBooks syndicated from the world’s most extensive B2B library.

Web Development News

Netlify Doubles Down on European Market Amid Strong Jamstack Adoption

Modern web development platform Netlify announced its intention to accelerate business expansion and growth in Europe with the help of a thriving community of Jamstack developers in the region.

DigitalOcean Launches Serverless Solution, DigitalOcean Functions

Cloud infrastructure provider DigitalOcean has announced the launch of its new serverless solution, DigitalOcean Functions. Functions will enable fast, scalable, and cost-effective compute solutions that will allow small businesses and startups to build quickly, scale automatically, and save costs by eliminating the need to maintain and provision their own servers.

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