Weekly News Roundup Aug 14 2023


Welcome to the latest edition of the DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup. We update you on the latest news and hot stories related to DevOps, Content Management, Content Marketing and Web Development.

DevOps News

Copado Receives Two AI Patents for Its Innovative DevOps and Testing Platform

Copado, a platform for DevOps and AI-powered test automation for large-scale SaaS solutions, has received two U.S. patents for its innovative use of AI in scripting, coding, and refining processes. Within the framework of the Copado DevOps system, these patents provide developers the tools to enhance the pace, reliability, and safety of their software deployments.

DuploCloud to Present on DevOps Challenges at CloudX in San Mateo

DuploCloud, a leading innovator in DevOps automation with integrated compliance, has declared its active involvement in showcasing and presenting at CloudX, a top-tier event in the cloud computing realm.

Content Management News

WPP and Optimizely Partner to Bring Informed Digital Experiences to Brands and Consumers

WPP, a creative transformation company, announced the launch of a global strategic partnership with Optimizely, one of the industry’s leading digital experience (DXP) platform providers.

The Benefits of Native AI in Content Management

CMSWiRE and Kontent.ai take a look at what businesses can achieve including improved efficiency and better content governance.

Content Marketing News

Trends in Content Marketing: How to Stay Ahead and Drive Conversions in 2023 and Beyond

Neil Patel explains the top 4 trends to stay ahead in content marketing and what will drive conversions for the last half of 2023 and the future.

SugarCRM Named a Finalist in the 2023 Content Marketing Awards

SugarCRM, the acclaimed company behind the AI-powered CRM solution, has revealed that they are contenders for the 2023 Content Marketing Awards under the Visual Storytelling – Best Use of Interactive Content category.

Web Development News

Google Launches Project IDX, a New AI-Enabled Browser-Based Development Environment

Google unveiled Project IDX, their initiative to provide an AI-powered development platform through a browser for crafting comprehensive web and cross-platform applications.

Is Jamstack Toast? Some Developers Say Yes, Netlify Says No

While some developers believe that Netlify has abandoned the term Jamstack in favor of the composable web, the company themselves prefer to differ. 


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