DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup Sept 11 2023


Welcome to the latest edition of the DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup. We update you on the latest news and hot stories related to DevOps, Content Management, Content Marketing and Web Development.

DevOps News

Mainframe Investments Show Significant Momentum in DevOps, AIOps, with Focus on Security

BMC, a prominent international provider of software solutions tailored for the Self-Operating Digital Business, recently unveiled insights from its latest yearly mainframe analysis. The results underscore the importance and enduring growth of the mainframe as a foundation for technological advancement.

Global DevSecOps Report on AI Shows Cybersecurity and Privacy Concerns Create an Adoption Dilemma

DevSecOps platform GitLab unveiled its 9th International DevSecOps Study: The Landscape of AI in Software Creation. GitLab engaged with over a thousand global top-tier tech leaders, developers, and security and operations experts, gathering insights on their achievements, hurdles, and focal points concerning AI integration.

Akeyless Brings World's First Vaultless™ Secrets Management Solution to the AWS Marketplace

Secrets Management platform Akeyless has introduced its groundbreaking Vaultless solution on the AWS Marketplace. The platform, which changes how businesses manage secrets such as workload credentials, certificates, and keys, will now be free to AWS Marketplace customers.

Content Management News

Hygraph and Mux Are Excited to Officially Announce Their Partnership

Federated content platform Hygraph and video infrastructure solution Mux have partnered to optimize video performance for Hygraph users. They aim to democratize high-quality video streaming and analytical capabilities through the partnership. With auto-optimization features, the intricacies of encoding, delivery, and rendition are streamlined. 

Federated Platforms – The Next Big Thing in Content Management?

Tony Fyler of TechHQ interviews Michael Lukaszcyk, CEO of Hygraph, to learn more about federated platforms.

Content Marketing News

SproutLoud and InnerView Announce Strategic Partnership to Focus on Brand-to-Local Marketing

Decentralized marketing technology company SproutLoud and marketing advisory firm InnerView Group have unveiled a joint venture. The partnership will enhance brand-centric local marketing for large enterprises and support local business channels that offer their goods and services.

Bloomreach Adds TikTok to its Growing List of Integrations, Helping Marketers Optimize Ad Spend With Better Targeted Content

Bloomreach has unveiled a new feature allowing marketers to incorporate TikTok advertisements with Bloomreach Engagement. Bloomreach Engagement users can tailor their TikTok ad campaigns to resonate with pertinent and high-potential viewers by leveraging up-to-the-minute data, sophisticated audience creation, and detailed segmentation.

How Fintech Founders Can Use Content Marketing to Establish Themselves as Experts

Fintech marketing specialist Araminta Robertson explains how fintech entrepreneurs can leverage content marketing to establish their online authority in their respective domains.

Web Development News

Google Flips the Switch on Interest-Based Ads With ‘Privacy Sandbox’ Rollout

Google has begun introducing Privacy Sandbox to all Chrome users, positioning it as the successor to third-party cookies. With this move, advertisers can present more pertinent ads to visitors.

Latest Cloud Foundry Korifi Update Speeds Time-to-Code Production, Increases Developer Flexibility, Improves Stability

The Cloud Foundry Foundation unveiled the newest version of Korifi, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution. This platform simplifies many of the intricacies associated with Kubernetes, significantly enhancing the process of application rollout.

EDB Open Sources Powerful Tool to Automate and Manage Postgres Deployments

EnterpriseDB has launched the Trusted Postgres Architect (TPA) as a fresh open-source instrument for PostgreSQL users. This tool, focused on deployment automation and configuration management, allows businesses to seamlessly set up sturdy, prepared-for-production clusters, minimizing time consumption and error potential.

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