DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup Oct 16 2023


Welcome to the latest edition of the DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup. We update you on the latest news and hot stories related to DevOps, Content Management, Content Marketing and Web Development.

DevOps News

Kubiya Unlocking DevOps Super Powers With Its Next-Gen Co-pilots

DevOps automation company has unveiled its next-gen suite of domain-specific Co-Pilots. The new tools will act as an AI-powered DevOps assistant, democratizing self-service for complex queries, tasks, and operations. 

Copado Celebrates 10 Years of DevOps for Enterprise SaaS Solutions

Copado, a leader in DevOps and AI-powered test automation for enterprise SaaS platforms, recently commemorates a decade of innovation with Copado, signifying the genesis of DevOps for enterprise SaaS solutions.

Edge Delta Launches Support for Ingesting Kubernetes Metrics

Observability provider Edge Delta has launched support for Kubernetes metrics. The latest feature will help metrics-first teams to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and reduce costs for monitoring Kubernetes environments. 

Content Management News

Optimizely Debuts Industry-First Marketing Operating System At Opticon 2023

Digital experience platform provider Optimizely has launched an operating system for marketing practitioners dubbed Optimizely One. With a solution built on top of Optimizely’s DXP and composable architecture, teams can choose exactly what tools they need in their marketing ecosystem. 

Agility CMS Proudly Announces Sponsorship of Netlify Compose 2023

Headless CMS solution Agility CMS has announced plans to sponsor Netlify Compose 2023. The sponsorship comes as Agility plans to launch an integration with the Netlify Connector, making it the first Partner Developer Connect integration.

Content Marketing News

Variety and Canva Join Forces to Create Interview Studio for Marketers During Advertising Week

Design platform Canva and Variety magazine will partner during Advertising Week from October 17-19. The pair have established an Interview Studio at Advertising Week, which spans three days of exclusive dialogues with marketing leaders. 

Google Trends: How To Use It For SEO & Content Marketing

SearchEngineJournal explains how marketers can use Google Trends to uncover ways to generate traffic and boost search engine rankings. 

Web Development News

Hivelocity Announces New VPS Cloud Hosting Services

Bare Metal hosting specialist Hivelocity has added virtual private server (VPS) offerings to its suite of services. The new VPS services enable Hivelocity to provide heightened flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency when hosting websites and applications for customers. 

Tabbyml, an Open Source Challenger to GitHub Copilot, Raises $3.2 Million

Self-hosted coding assistant TabbyML has raised $3.2 million in seed funding. Seen as a competitor to GitHub’s Copilot, the AI-powered assistant offers increased customizability. 

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