DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup Oct 23 2023


Welcome to the latest edition of the DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup. We update you on the latest news and hot stories related to DevOps, Content Management, Content Marketing and Web Development.

DevOps News

CloudBees: Platform Engineering Is a Key Driver of Developer Productivity and Experience

Software delivery platform company CloudBees has commissioned new research which indicates platform engineering is swiftly gaining popularity in IT, with 83% of respondents adopting it in some form.

GitKraken Announces Developer Experience of the Future with Integrated Suite of Dev Tools that Spans IDEs, Desktop, Command Line & Browser

Provider of developer productivity and collaboration tools, GitKraken, has recently expanded its portfolio with the introduction of two new products. GitKraken CLI, which enables Git collaboration directly from the command line, and GitKraken Browser Extension, which transforms the browser into a developer environment. Additionally, the company has teased the rollout of another pair of tools in the imminent future. 

Gitguardian Unveils “HasMySecretLeaked” to Bring Leak Detection to DevOps Pipelines

GitGuardian, a code security platform for the DevOps generation, has launched a complimentary security tool, 'HasMySecretLeaked,' designed to help security professionals proactively determine if sensitive organizational data has been inadvertently disclosed on GitHub.

Content Management News

XCentium Announces Strategic Partnership With at Premium Level

Digital consultancy with proven expertise in eCommerce, Digital Transformation, XCentium has announced a partnership with, a headless CMS equipped with native AI capabilities. The partnership will allow them to help companies that want to move from legacy infrastructure to a composable approach.

5 Visual Editing Trends in Composable Martech Tools

In this CMSWire article, Mark Ursino shares the top 5 visual editing trends in composable martech tools.

Content Marketing News

Moz Launches Free Local Business Content Marketing Guide to Empower Local Marketers and Increase Competitive Edge

One of the leading SEO and marketing platforms, Moz has revealed a local business content marketing guide designed to equip local businesses worldwide with strategies and tools for digital success. 

Tofu Automates Content Creation for Massive Omnichannel B2B Marketing Campaigns

An AI operated support system for B2B marketing companies, Tofu has streamlined the production of content by automating the process, specifically catering to extensive omnichannel B2B marketing campaigns.

Web Development News

New Netlify Composable Web Platform Clears Path to Enterprise Adoption of Composable Web Architecture

Netlify, the company behind the creation of Jamstack, has introduced the Netlify Composable Web Platform. This new platform offers enterprises the resources to construct and deploy modern, composable web architectures.

Node.js 21 Release: New Features and Updates

Cross-platform, open-source server Node.js launches Node.js 21, with an array of improvements and fresh features that bolster the server-side JavaScript runtime experience.

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