DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup Jan 23 2024


Welcome to the latest edition of the DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup. We update you on the latest news and hot stories related to DevOps, Content Management, Content Marketing and Web Development.

DevOps News

170,000 Dev Hours Saved Through LinearB in 2023

Software delivery management solutions provider LinearB has announced its 2023 achievements. These  include a 47% decrease in cycle time for users, saving over 170,000 hours and contributing to $23 billion in enterprise value. LinearB's services reached over 500,000 developers, with substantial integrations and support across workflows.

AppViewX Named Best DevOps Security Tool Finalist By Computing Magazine

AppViewX KUBE+, a product by AppViewX specializing in automated machine identity management and application security, is shortlisted for the Best DevOps Security Tool in Computing Magazine's 2024 DevOps Excellence Awards. It simplifies certificate lifecycle management in Kubernetes environments, supporting a broad range of Kubernetes platforms and integrating with multiple DevOps and ITSM tools

Meet the DevOps Dozen² 2023 Honorees

The DevOps Dozen² 2023 awards have recognized leading individuals and organizations in the DevOps community for their contributions and achievements across various categories. These categories range from Best DevOps Implementations to Tools and Services like CI/CD and DevSecOps solutions.

Red Hat Developer Hub Brings Together Many Aspects of Development Into a Single Platform

Red Hat has announced the general availability of its Developer Hub, a platform designed to boost developer productivity by centralizing various development processes. Built on the CNCF project Backstage, it addresses challenges like complexity and lack of standardization.

Content Management News

GPI Launches New Translation Services Connector for HCL Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Globalization Partners International (GPI) has announced a partnership with HCL Digital Experience Platform, introducing a new translation connector. This tool, designed to enhance multilingual website management, offers simplified content translation workflows, integrating both AI and human translation options.

ACF WordPress Plugin Vulnerability Affects Up To 2+ Million Sites

The Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) WordPress plugin has released a security update (version 6.2.5) to patch a vulnerability requiring contributor level access or higher. This update modifies how ACF's shortcode processes potentially unsafe HTML, introducing automatic escaping or removal of risky tags, which might cause some websites to break.

Content Marketing News

Cody Schneider on Harnessing AI for Valuable Content Marketing [DesignRush Podcast]

The DesignRush podcast interviews Swell AI founder Cody Schneider to understand more about AI in content marketing, including AI-driven content creation, emphasizing efficiency, cost reduction, and value in marketing and repurposing strategies.

Content Marketing and Thought Leadership: Driving Health Tech Innovation

APN News addresses the role of content marketing in health tech. . They emphasize need-based consumer engagement, leveraging data analytics for personalized messaging and building trust through credible, consistent content.

Web Development News

Pinecone: New Vector Database Architecture a ‘Breakthrough’ to Curb AI Hallucinations

Pinecone, a vector database company that raised $100 million in 2023 has announced a new serverless vector database architecture. The new architecture will enable enterprises to build knowledgeable and cost-efficient AI-models, leading to 50x cost reductions and eliminating infrastructure hassles.

Infield Raises $3 Million in Funding

New York-based SaaS company, Infield has raised a $3 million seed funding for its open-source dependency manager.The round was led by Foundation Capital with participation from Y Combinator and Firsthand Alliance. Infield aims to enhance safety and efficiency for open-source software updates.

JetBrains JavaScript Day 2023: AI integration, ECMAScript Development, React Best Practices & More

InfoQ recaps JetBrains JavaScript Day 2023, which featured talks on Angular, AI integration, TypeScript, ECMAScript development, React, and JavaScript tooling, offering insights for web developers.

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