DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup Mar 12 2024


Welcome to the latest edition of the DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup. We update you on the latest news and hot stories related to DevOps, Content Management, Content Marketing and Web Development.

DevOps News

Cycode Acquires Bearer to Accelerate Its Move Into AI-Enhanced Security Remediation

Cycode, an end-to-end application security posture management platform, has acquired Bearer, a provider of tools for static application security testing (SAST), discovering APIs, and identifying sensitive data. The acquisition will enable DevSecOps teams to consolidate tooling further. 

Sumo Logic Reinvents the Economic Model for Log Management in an AI World

SaaS Log Analytics platform Sumo Logic has launched a new pricing plan known as Sumo Logic Flex Licensing. The new log analytics pricing plan provides unlimited log data ingestion, enabling development, security, and operations teams to capture and analyze critical data across the enterprise.

Copado Launches Copado Explorer to Simplify and Streamline Testing on Salesforce

DevOps and testing platform Copado has launched Copado Explorer. Explorer simplifies and streamlines testing for Salesforce development teams. Using Copado Explorer, teams can automate the testing process and integrate it into the CI/CD pipeline to provide continuous and collaborative testing throughout the development process. 

Content Management News

Dave O’Flanagan Appointed Interim CEO of Sitecore

Digital experience platform (DXP) provider Sitecore has appointed Dave O’Flanagan as Interim CEO. O’Flanagan, who had previously been Chief Product Officer, will replace departing CEO Steve Tzikakis. In addition, Darren Roos has been appointed as Sitecore’s new Chair of the Board. 

5 Reasons to Go Headless in 2024

The Drum provides five reasons why a headless CMS is the answer to issues businesses have with WordPress. 

Content Marketing News

Google March 2024 Core Update: More Complexity & Ranking Volatility

CMSWiRE breaks down the impact of Google’s latest core update, focusing on spam and reducing low-quality content. 

Google’s Update Targets Spam, but Marketers Can Still Use AI to Create Content

Insider Intelligence answers whether or not marketers can still use generative AI to speed up content-related tasks.

Web Development News

Cloudflare Acquires Nefeli Networks and Launches Multicloud Networking Service

CDN services company Cloudflare has acquired Nefeli Networks and launched the Magic Cloud Networking. The service enables organizations to link together workloads running on different cloud platforms. 

Netlify Unveils AI-Enabled Deploy Assist to Improve Developer Productivity and Ship Personalized Digital Experiences Faster

The modern web development platform Netlify has announced AI-enabled deployment assistance. The latest tool analyzes failed deployments using AI and provides suggestions to correct the errors, reducing the time developers need to spend manually searching. 

Amazon’s AWS Removes Data Transfer Fees for Clients Switching to Rivals

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has removed fees for customers who want to transfer to another cloud provider. This comes in light of the EU’s incoming Data Act, which forces cloud providers to make it easier for customers to switch to competitors.

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