DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup Mar 29 2024


Welcome to the latest edition of the DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup. We update you on the latest news and hot stories related to DevOps, Content Management, Content Marketing and Web Development.

DevOps News

Observability Adoption Remains Nascent With Only 10% of Orgs Using ‘Full Observability’

Observability platform has shared the results of its Observability Pulse survey. According to the 2024 Observability Pulse Report, observability remains an emergent practice on the maturity curve, with 1 in 10 organizations utilizing full observability and observing the real-time status of every component of the entire technology stack.

Puppet’s 2024 State of DevOps Report Reveals Security is Strengthened by Platform Engineering

Infrastructure automation provider Puppet has released the 2024 State of DevOps Report: The Evolution of Platform Engineering. The report assesses the continued growth of platform engineering within DevOps and highlights that 43% of companies had a platform team for 3-5 years.

GitLab Acquires Oxeye to Advance Application Security & Governance Capabilities

DevSecOps platform GitLab has acquired cloud-native application security and risk management solution Oxeye. The acquisition will enable GitLab to accelerate its Static Application Security Testing (SAST) roadmap and support composition analysis and compliance tools. 

Content Management News

Headless CMS: The Epic Battle With Monolithic Platforms

This CMSWiRE article looks at how the headless CMS and monolithic CMS solutions have battled, the adaptation that has occurred, and what it means for the future of CMS. 

Adobe Summit 2024: Adobe Unveils the Future of Customer Experience Management (CXM) in the Age of Generative AI

Digital experience platform provider Adobe has unveiled a new suite of features incorporating generative AI to enable one-to-one personalization and scalability. 

Storyblok CMS Now Available on AWS Marketplace to Simplify the Deployment of Digital Experiences

Headless CMS Storyblok has launched on the AWS Marketplace. Deployment via AWS Marketplace provides a streamlined procurement process that reduces complexities in billing and management and enables access to various third-party services. 

Content Marketing News

How To Combine PR and Content Marketing Superpowers To Achieve Business Goals

This article from the Content Marketing Institute provides guidance on how businesses can combine their content marketing and PR efforts. 

From Turbulence to Triumph in AI Marketing

This CMSWire article looks at the common AI adoption pitfalls and provides tips on how to avoid them. 

Web Development News

Atlassian Hopes to Improve Developer Experience in Latest Jira, Compass, and Bitbucket Updates

Atlassian has unveiled a number of updates to its suite of products to enhance the developer experience. This includes connecting Compass components to Jira Software and Jira Work Suggestions, which identify bottlenecks developers face when transitioning from task to task, as well as adding custom merge checks to Bitbucket. 

GitHub’s Latest AI Tool Can Automatically Fix Code Vulnerabilities

AI-powered developer platform GitHub has launched the beta of its code-scanning autofix feature. The new capability streamlines finding and fixing security vulnerabilities during the coding process by combining Copilot with its semantic code analysis engine, CodeQL. Launches $20M Generative AI Accelerator Program

Google’s charitable wing,, has launched a new program to help non-profits currently developing tech that leverages generative AI. The accelerator program will have $20 million in grant funding and include 21 non-profit organizations to start. 

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