DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup Jul 5 2024


Welcome to the latest edition of the DevContentOps Weekly News Roundup. We update you on the latest news and hot stories related to DevOps, Content Management, Content Marketing and Web Development.

DevOps News

Opsera’s Unified DevOps Platform Now Available on Azure Marketplace

Unified DevOps Platform Opsera is now available on the Azure Marketplace. Opersera’s DevOps platform enables Azure customers to increase app deployment efficiency with actionable insights. This leads to reduced tool sprawl, improved developer productivity, and the ability to pinpoint areas for improving software delivery. 

DevOps Isn’t Dead, but It’s Not in Great Health Either

A report from the Continuous Delivery Foundation shows that DevOps initiatives are stalling out. Results show that 83% of developers may be actively engaged in DevOps, but there has been an increased proportion of low performers in deployment metrics. 

Content Management News

Sitecore Appoints Eric Stine Chief Operating Officer

Digital experience software provider Sitecore has appointed Eric Stine as its new Chief Operating Officer. In this role, Stine is expected to oversee all customer-facing functions and unlock business value for customers. 

WordPress Takes A Bite Out Of Plugin Attacks

The content management system WordPress has paused plugin updates and initiated a force reset for plugin author passwords. The goal is to prevent additional website compromises due to the ongoing supply chain attack on plugins.

Content Marketing News

2024 Trend Updates: What Really Works In SEO & Content Marketing

Search Engine Journal has provided marketers tips about SEO trends to ignore and which to focus on in light of recent Google algorithm updates.

61% of Marketers Still Relying on Third-Party Data breaks down Salesforce’s State of Marketing Report, which shows marketers’ continued reliance on third-party data and difficulties with data activation. 

Web Development News

Google Cloud Nabs AWS, Microsoft Copilot Execs To Lead AI

Google Cloud has hired 11-year Microsoft veteran and top Copilot executive Saurabh Tiwary and former AWS vice president Raj Pai for new VP roles in their Cloud AI initiatives. 

Redactive AI Raises $7.5M USD in Seed Funding

Developer platform Redactive AI, which solves the lack of AI engineering and security skill sets within enterprise software teams, has raised $7.5M USD in a seed funding round. Felicis and Blackbird led the round, which also included Atlassian Ventures and Zapier.

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